When I was a child, my father started an organization called “The ARC Center for Religious and Spiritual Exploration.” He raised hundreds of millions of dollars and built a compound just outside of Langley, British Columbia.

When I was fourteen years old, myself and my half sister Sugar Ledoux, were taken in by our grandmother, her Royal Highness The Sacred Madre Magda Montieque.

We call her The Royal Highness, because she is the spiritual and political leader of the Canadian tribe of Roma, Italian, Creole and Indian Gypsy who live here.

In the following years, my father grew increasingly more erratic and violent in his rhetoric. He had access to hundreds of millions of dollars, and he used the money to hurt our communities most innocent and vulnerable people.

When Magda stepped in, it took the RCMP, the Police and Armed Soldiers to get past the barricades of the property where my father was holding his followers, largely against their will.

He died during the raid. A single gunshot wound to the head, and while it’s been suspected that it was self inflicted, the coroner wasn’t entirely certain that it wasn’t from a second party.

Three years ago, my grandmother, the Queen, founded Sanctuary Farms and invited Kingston Kent’s victims to come and join her. Each of the families that live on the farm now have a single story three or four bedroom “tiny” home, on a quarter acre to call their own.

This was the best solution, for housing so many people who had spent the majority of their lives being a part of a sadistic cult.

Now the farm operates a bed and breakfast, a restaurant, and a Farmer’s Market that is open five days a week, year round.

They have a fully working foundry, glass blowing school, and offer classes in custom carpentry.

They use the two thousand acre farm to farm the earth for what they need, while providing for Recovery homes, Aging Care Facilities and Hospice Organizations around the lower mainland each week.

While Magda serves as the Executive Director, she is still the Political and Spiritual Leader of the Kris People.

The Lu Ban Foundation which helped to build the farm, decided against building a formal church, but they do have a building they refer to as the Sanctorum, where people can go and light a candle or the fire pit and reflect on whatever they need to reflect upon.

Largely to prove that Sanctuary Farms is different than what my father conceived of, we have decided as a collective to share our stories and our experiences here on this website.

Please understand that some of us have seen extreme violence and have experienced extreme trauma. While our stories come from a place of love, our experiences do not always.

Please consider this your trigger warning before entering the website.


Doctor Tabitha O’Bryan Clarke, Registered Psychiatrist